Download Easily With Torrent

Some people are certainly familiar when their friends or relatives talk about downloading data via a Torrent. Now in today’s technology sharing or downloading files is called BitTorrent. Torrent is a system of downloading files using peer to peer. Torrent files usually always interact using the torrent client application. That way every computer that downloads the file will automatically become a server to share with other computer users, in other words, all computers will be connected. Torrent also has advantages and disadvantages that exist you are using it to download files.

Torrent has many fans because of its benefits. By using BitTorrent technology this technology has a peer-to-peer file for internet sharing. Besides, you can also download files from other people who share files. Other people who are connected to the torrent will also be able to download it from their computer. This technology is also very beneficial because it doesn’t make the server feel burdened. With just one torrent, everyone can function as a sender or receiver to other users.

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